{This was originally written by me about 3 years ago, but I've added a few things}

Have you ever looked around a crowded room and noticed that your husband and children are the only people of color there? Have you ever gotten disgusted looks from people walking by because you are white and have brown children? Have you ever had to think about making sure that, if you move to a different state, your family would be safe there?

Have any of you ever noticed how BAND-AID Brand bandages are either nude colored, transparent or have characters on them? As you all know, I am a white woman who married a man of color and together we have 5 mixed children. Growing up, I never worried about the nude colored band-aids because they matched my skin, and they did their job. Now that I have children with brown skin, I have noticed how simple minded the company is to still only have nude colored band-aids. If they can make Disney character band-aids, I think it is time that there were brown colored ones as well. The whole point of having nude colored band-aids is to cover up the cut or scrape and for it to not be too noticeable because it matches our skin. But as you can see in my picture, the band-aid does not match my beautiful daughter’s brown skin.

Now, I know that there is ONE brand out there that gives me the option to buy brown-colored bandages.. but, the question that still presents itself is; why is there only one? Only one company that has bandages that match my husband and children's skin. ONE... This is 2020, and there is only ONE option for this!!

{Here's the company that has made a difference in our lives, personally!}

Now, I know it's just a bandage, but..think about the fact that you can say that! You have the advantage to say that the color of the bandage doesn't matter to you..because it does what it is intended to do for you and your nude-colored skin.

This bandage situation is just one example of how we can go about our day, as white people, not realizing that there still needs to be so much change in our country. We need to stand up for those that have been held back because of the systems in place in our country. We need to use our advantages in the world RIGHT NOW to help those without any! Because, whether you want to believe it or not, if you are white, you have an advantage. And you have to choose whether you'll use it for those that need it!

I’m just so tired of feeling like my husband and children aren’t treated as equals in our society. I am willing to fight for their right to equality until the day that I die. I know that heaven is going to have all colors, shapes and sizes of people. And I can’t wait to get there and feel the peace and love towards every person. But, until that day, I will try my best to make this world a better place! Awareness is key..if you don’t know there’s a problem, how can you make the change?!