Got Homeschooling On Your Mind?

Got Homeschooling On Your Mind?

If so, this info is for you!!

So many mommas have asked me what I do for curriculum for our homeschooling! So, I decided to put all of the things I’ve used into a blog post, with links, so you all can check it out! If you have any questions, please just send me an email at:

Homeschooling is a lot of trial and error! What I use may not work for your specific needs, and what others use sometimes doesn’t work for my needs! There are so many options out there! And if you continue to second guess your choices, you could be searching for days, weeks and even years! So I say, do your research! Read about the different methods of homeschooling, and figure out which one fits you the most! For me, I am a little Classical and a little Charlotte Mason!

Check this article out to find out more about Learning Styles:

And then figure out which curriculum is a good fit for you and your child! We use a mix of things. There are so many options for you!

So, to start, we are a part of a co-op called Classical Conversations!

And we use their curriculum for Science, History, Latin, Bible..and much more!! We go on Mondays and a tutor teaches what memory work we will be reviewing all week! In Foundations, (the first part of our day), which is for kiddos age 4-12, We do science experiments and some form of art! (Music, drawing, listening to different composers, etc...) Then all we do with that on Tuesdays-Fridays is review for 10-15 minutes each morning! Oh, and the kids have a presentation to share each week in front of their class, which is really like show-and-tell, and totally builds their confidence!

For Essentials, (this fall will be my first year doing this, so I don’t know 100% what goes on in there yet) we will do an English curriculum and math facts! This class is for 9-12 year olds and is held in the afternoon.

And then our oldest is in the Challenge program! They are there for the entire day, learning from amazing tutors! They discuss 6 different strands: Grammar, Exposition, Logic, Research, Reasoning and Debate. I could go on and on about this part, but let’s just say it’s amazing! And, teaches your older kiddos (age 12 and up) how to be critical and logical thinkers! I love it!

So, on to the rest of the curriculum!

Math: We use Horizons for our younger two kiddos and Teaching Textbooks for the older two!! Horizons is a spiral-based method and we really love it! And Teaching Textbooks is all online; grading, lecture, and tests!! We have found it’s a slower-paced curriculum than we’d like, so our kiddos took the assessment and are in the math class that is two “grade levels” ahead! Which is fine!! You can move at your own pace! There are assessments on their website to find out what level your kiddo should be at.

Horizons Math:

Teaching Textbooks Math:

We have also used Saxon Math and find it to be tedious! Which is fine, but not for me. I know that lots and lots of moms love it! It is a very thorough math curriculum! It just wasn’t the right fit for our family! But it may be right for you, so definitely check it out!!

Language Arts: We use The Good and the Beautiful!! It is my favorite! It teaches so much information in one book! Writing, phonics, spelling, grammar, geography, art!! ? It is such a precious curriculum! And by that I mean, it has little snippets of God’s beauty and grace throughout, and has great classical stories! I just love it! We also use their handwriting curriculum! In the past, we have also used their history and science programs and I love those too!! ?? The only thing I haven’t loved from them is their math!! It’s just too fluffy for my liking! But if you have a kiddo that learns better by doing activities and games, this math may be just for you!!

We’ve also tried the All About Reading and Spelling curriculum and I didn’t love it, but I know that a lot of other mommas do!! So, check that one out too!!

Also...Here's a great site to check out reviews for different curriculum! I've used these reviews multiple times as a guide!

Ok, so.. I know that was a lot of info.. but I hope that it gave you a starting point! At any moment, I could find a new curriculum and fall in love with it! There are so many options, and I don't believe any of them are right or wrong..just different! Find what works for you and your kiddos! Each kiddo learns differently, and it definitely takes some time to figure it all out! Be patient, and expect to not have it all figured out the first year! Give yourself a lot of grace! You got this, friend!