Faith is a powerful thing!

Faith is a powerful thing!

So much time has passed since I have had time to sit down and just think! Also, so many events have happened during this time.

Where should I start? Let's take it back to the end of November/beginning of December…

I remember thinking, is Orville going to finish his Master's degree in time? Is he going to find a new job? Are we going to have to move? Do we need to start looking for apartments? Should I start looking for a job? These questions circled in my mind for days! I was hoping that things were all going to work out, and I was praying that they would happen in a timely manner…


I always try and plan out the future, (it's a flaw of mine) so that I can be comfortable and know what is in store for me next. But, God does not want me to plan… He wants me to do what I need to do, today, and then let tomorrow be up to HIM!

Matthew 6:34

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. NIV84

I have to try and remember that! Although, it is tempting, and sometimes hard to not worry about tomorrow!

The day before Thanksgiving, was the day that everything started to unfold right in front of me… The day that I had to start trusting more in God, and stop trying to plan everything out step by step!

That night, we were packing our bags, and getting ready for our road trip to Good Ole' Celina for our family Thanksgiving. While I was doing a load of laundry, our washer overflowed, and flooded our apartment. We had to rush out and buy a wet-vac and were up until 2am trying to clean up all of the water! This was definitely not a part of my plan for the weekend. We decided, however, that this little water was not going to ruin our weekend away with family! We headed to Celina the next morning, leaving the fans on for the whole weekend, and enjoyed our time away! When we got back, however, the smell of mildew and mold overwhelmed us as we walked into the apartment. We knew then that we could not sleep there, because it would definitely harm the kids!

That night, we went to a hotel to sleep. We enjoyed that night as if we were on a vacation!! We try and make the best out of every situation!! It just so happened I was able to do laundry at my dad's house that weekend, so we had clean clothes prepared for church the next day!! (That was a God thing, for sure!)

After we dealt with all of that, our landlord decided he didn't want to help take care of any of the costs for the flood happening..and we couldn't stay there with that smell… so this is where we prayed for the impossible and took a step of faith!

These next few steps would probably seem CRAZY to some people. We decided to move closer to church, because that was where we were hoping to find a job for Orville. So we decided, even though he didn't have a job yet, and even though he wasn't finished with him masters degree, that we would take a step of faith and move anyway.

In one day, we found an apartment in Monroe… that weekend, we moved! We just up and moved!! (Sometimes, it's hard to believe myself!) Orville then had to drive back and forth to Wright State to work (and finish his masters) until the end of December. So, we were moving to a place that was over $100 more per month, with the same income, without a new job lined up, and without his degree finished!! Yes, that does sound a bit crazy. But we knew one thing, and one thing only. That God would take care of us, no matter what!! We knew that we would be okay, if we just followed Him and trusted in Him!

So, now we're here, in Monroe, and things are all finally coming together! Orville has finished his Thesis in time and has submitted it!! He will be able to graduate in March! The interviews are a'coming!! And we have faith that God will work everything out in his own time! (He ALWAYS does!!!)

Being unemployed for Orville, is hard… I'm sure. There is always a need, for the husband, to be able to provide for his family! But he also knows that God will provide our food, our shelter, our heat. Orville knows that God will take care of us… always! That is the best part about having a Christian husband, who has such great faith!! I know I don't have to worry, because I never see him worry!! He sets such an amazing example for our children, and for me! Orville is such a great leader for our family!

Me, being a planner, thought that it was time for me to apply for jobs, just in case Orville didn't find one soon. I did, and I actually got a job, but when I went to work, it didn't seem right. My first day there, there were things I was supposed to do, that my fast did not allow. I knew that I was somewhere I shouldn't be, I knew that I needed to be at home with Parker and Ashtyn, so that I could take care of them, and be the housewife that I am supposed to be! Although it seems like a small role, God has called me to be a housewife… (for the time being) and I accept that role, and will do it to glorify Him!

So, after continuing my fasting and praying, God revealed a few things to me. He revealed that I did not need that job. That HE would take care of us until Orville found a job, and that He would continue to provide for all of our needs!

We sit here, together, both unemployed… with out medical insurance, and still continue to have such amazing faith! God has seriously taken our lives out of our hands, and has guided us through everything.

Did I say all of this to complain, or to get attention, NO, I said all of this to prove to YOU that you don't need a plan, or an income to survive. You need God, Jesus Christ, to survive! You need a relationship with him to survive. You need faith to survive. You need HIM!

Through all of this, I have realized so many different things! I have realized that we do not need all of the STUFF that so many people think are necessities. We don't need all of the fancy clothes, new furniture, new purses, TV, or a new house. I need my family, my friends, my church, some type of shelter, some food on the table, and God's love. I need a personal relationship with the One and only God! I need to stay in the Word, and continue to pray. But, not just pray for things that I want, but pray for the things that we need, and then believe that God will provide for those needs!

I believe that God will continue to show us the way.. I believe that God will continue to provide for all of our needs… I believe that God will continue to help us grow in our faith! Our God is an awesome God! He never fails us!

Philippians 4:6-7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. NIV