Please tell me why, as a white woman married to a man of color with 5 biracial children, I haven’t been able to stop crying since watching the video of an unarmed man of color being shot down by two white men. Please tell me why I have to struggle through this reality. Tell me why so many people can go about their day without batting an eye about this.

I’m sorry that you are seeing this side of me, honestly, I like to keep my opinions to myself. But, I just can’t on this one. We serve a God who loves all races equally, so, tell me why so many of my Christian friends still don’t get this truth? Tell me why I’ve had to explain to a young boy not to call another little boy brown! Tell me why I’ve had to explain to a grown woman why a person of color can also be Santa. Tell me why I’ve had to tell people to stop saying, “cotton pickin”. Tell me why I’ve had to be careful with where we stop on road trips. Tell me why I have to explain to my children that the reason someone hates them is because of their skin tone! Tell me why we have to think twice about moving to Atlanta, because it’s been a dream of my husband’s to work for the CDC. Tell me why my husband got stopped on a walk once because he “fit the profile” of a suspect. Tell me why I have to educate my children on the dangers of their reality! Tell me why I have to explain to them that even though people hate their dad, because of the way his skin looks, we still have to show them love and grace.

Tell me why we can’t change their future! Tell me why I don’t have more friends ready to go to battle for this! Tell me why we can’t come together to make a different world for not just the people I love, but so many others. Tell me why I will sit in prayer for hours upon hours for my children who will one day not have the freedom to just go on a run in their neighborhood. Please, tell me why.

The reality of our world is harsh for a person of color. But, I refuse to sit here and let the ignorance of so many effect their lives! They are precious children of an almighty God! And there should be nothing in their way of having the same freedoms we do! They’ve done nothing to deserve harsh judgement. They’ve done nothing to deserve your prejudice, pre-conceived thoughts about them. My husband and my children, and their children, and their children after that, all deserve a better world to live in! I refuse to let this go on any longer! Help me make a change! Help me fight for my husband’s and children’s freedom of equality here on this earth! Have hard conversations! Spread the word! Hate will not win!