Homeschoolers are Socialized

Homeschoolers are Socialized

People constantly ask about the socialization part of homeschool. They always wonder how my kids are getting everything they need to develop social skills!

Homeschoolers in art group

But I just have one thing to say to you all. I’m thankful they aren’t getting the socialization that you all think they need!
I recently went to a public high school to spend a day with some sophomores and realized very quickly that most of these kids are hurting! This world is a nasty place, full of judgement and hate! And if I can give my kiddos enough goodness to share with others someday, then I have done my job!

You see, the type of socialization I handpicked for my children is a community where the kids help each other! Or ask questions about how they can be a better friend! Or teach each other new things that they have learned at home! Or cheer each other on in their weird quirks and never make anyone else feel like they are less than anyone else! See, I want to foster positive relationships in their lives now, so that they aren’t scarred emotionally in their adult life. I know from experience, that being exposed to mean people at a young age doesn’t teach someone how to navigate mean people as an adult! And I also know that teaching your kiddos grace and kindness from the start will give them the tools they need to work things out as adults!

I love partnering with other parents who feel the same way! I love being able to say, “Hey, Your son bit my son and called him dumb!” to another mom and then having conversations with that mom and child, together, to work out a solution! The child always says sorry, and forgiveness is granted and the two stay friends! AND, no adult felt offended by the other child’s behavior or the fact that you brought it to her attention! They don’t point fingers and ridicule you or your kiddo, they rally beside you and help each and every one of the kids learn what they need to! Because I’m not raising perfect kids! And they will make mistakes!

This is the type of community I want for my kids! The kind where adults help other adults! And where the kids see first-hand how to be kind human beings!

Homeschoolers working together

So, to sum that up, my kids are plenty socialized! They don’t need a public school setting to get socialization! They need opportunities to grow with my guidance! And I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to stay home with them and teach them!

And one more thing. This isn’t a post to slam public schools or teachers!! Because I think you guys are amazing for what you do!! This is a post to assure anyone questioning the socialization of a homeschooler!! Thanks for checking, but we’re good! ❤️